Meet Our Team

Headshot of American Landscaping Partners CEO Stefan Banks

Stefan Banks


Stefan is an entrepreneur, growth CEO, Private Equity Investor, Investment Banker, and Operator. He has led companies ranging in size from $1 million to $200 million. Stefan is an expert at efficiently evaluating a situation, triaging resources, leading the planning process, executing the plan, and adjusting as needed. He brings immediate energy with a specific focus on disciplined execution, cultural orientation, and the development of and investment in people.

Jennifer is an entrepreneurial and highly disciplined senior financial leader with a distinguished 20+ year record of leading financial strategies, building cohesive and efficient teams, and serving as an integrator and implementer of unique solutions. She successfully navigates ambiguous situations through focus, resourcefulness, and an exceptionally rich and versatile skill set in strategy, corporate finance, and executive leadership. She is strongly focused on revenue enhancement opportunities and establishing strategic priorities and effective cost containment.

Headshot of American Landscaping Partners COO Eli Brenlove

Eli Brenlove


Eli is a highly disciplined entrepreneur focused on growth and implementation. He is responsible for the post-acquisition operating activity of our past and newly acquired operating companies. Working closely with management teams to implement new business processes, identify investments and best practices that will drive future growth of their business units. In 2001 Eli started Fairfield Landscaping out of his parent's garage, purchasing a single pick-up truck and a few lawn mowers. Then in 2006, Eli decided to expand into the tree service market by acquiring a tree service company, and in 2008 Fairfield Snow & Ice Services was established.