Landscape Acquisitions

Deep pink blooms highlight the ground cover in front of landscape boulders in a wooded setting

What We Offer

Whether you’re looking to grow beyond your existing infrastructure or simply looking to secure your company’s legacy, as a business owner, you will likely have multiple options on the table to consider. Choosing the right solution for your business is crucial.

American Landscaping Partners (ALP) has been acquiring Landscaping companies and integrating them into our network of operating companies with great success. We offer business owners attractive alternatives with significant strategic, operational, and financial benefits. 

ALP offers business owners access to like-minded industry peers who understand the unique day-to-day and long-range challenges of running a landscaping business. By tapping into industry expertise and best practices, business owners can grow their companies prudently, maximizing opportunities when they arise.

Landscaper kneeling in deep green turf while installing sod

Why Partner With American Landscaping Partners

Landscaping business owners often cite several different reasons for pursuing outside investment, an acquisition, or other financial or operational support to run their companies. Factors like market conditions, leadership transitions, or shifting business goals often dictate the structure, timeline, and other considerations of a potential acquisition.

Our acquisition deals are tailored to each company’s needs, moving as quickly or as slowly as the circumstances require. We are flexible and accommodating, so you have the time and the breathing room to focus on running your business without the added distractions of deal negotiations.

Worker cleaning up the driveway from autumn leaves

What We’re Looking For

ALP is looking to partner with Landscape service providers across the United States. We seek strong local companies with an excellent track record of success and long-standing commercial accounts. We also partner with other niche business-to-business service providers that can benefit from having a broader capital base and an experienced peer group of industry advisors.

ALP’s philosophy and approach with our operating companies encourage independence and flexibility, backed by the resources and infrastructure of a dedicated network of like-minded professionals. ALP operating companies always retain decision-making power and operational control so that local business owners can continue to serve their clients’ needs directly and effectively.